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Wednesday, July 7th 2010

11:40 AM

This sucks

There is nothing worse then being broke. I hate not having any money to go out and do things or buy things that I want. Take this weekend for instance, my friends are all going up North to stay in a cabin they rented. They are also going to rent four-wheelers and jet skis. I could have probably gone but I don’t want to be their charity case. I would have felt too guilty. And I know they are going to go out and get drinks and food Saturday night too which is more money that I don’t have. My problem is I have too much debt. I struggle just to make my rent payment each month. I need to talk to somebody about getting some debt help and soon. I want to have fun again! I’m tired of staying home every weekend by myself doing nothing but renting $1 Redbox movies.
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